Have I Got What It Takes to Be a Top Mommy Blogger?

7 05 2012

This’ll teach me to clean out my inbox more often. I just read an email dated last Thursday that I was approved to be listed on the Top Mommy Blogs website. True, it’s something I applied for, but that was over a week ago, and quite honestly, I can’t remember if I put on underwear this morning, let alone which websites I recently visited and why. Those brains cells were immediately taken over by conundrums such as “What’ll I make for dinner tonight?” and “Did I remember to pick up my 8th grader from his clarinet lesson?” (Why they don’t allow 8th graders to drive in this state is beyond me. That would make my life so much easier if he could just cart his little rear end around on his own. Being he’s the second child I’m quite over that “Oh no! He’s sharing the road with other mental giants who scored 70% or higher on a government test that even sleep-deprived, drunk monkeys could pass!”)

Getting a listing on the Top Mommy Blogs website is pretty cool, because now I can win fabulous prizes like Read the rest of this entry »

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