Traveling With Kids (or Why I’d Rather Have a Root Canal)

30 12 2011

My view while trying to enjoy a drink in coach

Coming right on the heals of family holiday trips, I think we can all agree that the truth about modern-day family travel is that we secretly all hate modern-day family travel. If only we could beam ourselves to our destinations like they do on Star Trek, we’d all be as adventurous as Lewis and Clark. But now with less flights, more connections, TSA, full body scans, luggage searches, and not being able to bring large amounts of liquids or ointments on a plane because some crazy terrorist might pilfer it from your diaper bag and use it for God knows what (“I’m sorry, ma’am, but this 6 ounces of Desitin butt cream is classified as a felony weapon”), air travel with kids has become about as much fun as a root canal. Read the rest of this entry »

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