The Theme of the Day

4 05 2012

Well, as you can tell, I’ve settled on a new blog theme…for now. I’ve been trying it out for a week, but to be perfectly honest there are things about this theme I’d still like to modify. However, it involves changing CSS style sheets and quite frankly I don’t have time to change my bed sheets. So I guess I’m going to live with this theme until I can figure out how to cram 36 hours into a day by altering the space-time continuum. (Let me add that of my to-do list.)

I find a meat thermometer helps determine my level of neurosis for the day

When it comes to improvements, whether it’s to my house, my wardrobe, my blog, or my twisted personality, I’m about as fickle as the weather. That’s because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. So finding the right look for my blog will be a never-ending work-in-progress, kind of like obsessing over my weight…or my career…or my marriage. Which is why I really appreciate all your comments last week on blogs themes. Obviously, social media is great for building relationships where you can ask for help, however you know we’ve arrived at that awkward BFF status when I start writing blogs that confuse you with Dr. Laura.

“Hi All! Just wondering…should I send my husband to a rehabilitation camp for men who refuse to put the toilet seat down or just kill him now and be done with it? Please let me know by Monday, otherwise at this rate dear hubby might be resting peacefully in the old satin-lined, brass-handled sedan by Tuesday.”

That got me thinking. Read the rest of this entry »

Everyone’s a Critic (Especially My Kids)

11 03 2012

Just another day at the office

As a comedian and author one of the things that I get asked a lot is how I handle a bad review.

Well, it depends.

If I’m onstage at a comedy club and a heckler starts slinging his Bud Light-induced opinions at me it’s pretty easy to verbally bitch-slap him back down to size. Usually he’s too drunk to even conjugate a verb properly, let alone form a complete sentence that doesn’t include the words “You suck!” In many cases, all I have to do is just stand there and let him dig his own grave (kind of like the Republican debates).

But a bad review in the media is another story. Read the rest of this entry »

The Pitfalls of Publicity

9 01 2012

Being a comedian with a book to plug I’m frequently asked to be on radio and TV talk shows as a guest, usually when a much bigger and high profile guest cancels at the last minute. (Thank you, Tina Fey! I sincerely hope it wasn’t that cheesecake-by-mail I sent you that jumpstarted your stomach woes right before you were scheduled to be on Good Morning, Dubuque!)

So I wasn’t surprised when I got a call last week from someone requesting me to be a guest on a lifestyle show for Sirius XM satellite radio. The guy said his name was Jerron, and that he got my name from RTIR (Radio and TV Interview Report, a magazine producers use to find guests for talk shows). He said he produced a show called Straight Talk, hosted by Carol and Andrea (no last names). They wanted me on the next morning to talk about “how to keep the zest in your marriage after having a baby,” which is something I joke about in both my stand-up and my book.

Oh geez, tomorrow? That’s kind of last minute, I thought, but I assumed it was because someone like Angelina Jolie had unexpectedly cancelled due to her need to run off to Ubon Ratchathani to adopt another baby. Read the rest of this entry »

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