7 Online Games That Haven’t Been Invented Yet (Part 2)

6 06 2012

In the interest of replenishing my son’s college fund after the ill effects of the 2008 stock market crash, here is Part 2 of my get-rich-quick online social gaming ideas, sure to make me a rich woman if someone would only create them for me, but give me all the credit. (Isn’t that how it works?) For those of you who missed Part 1 of this series, these are online games that are not yet found in places like Facebook or the iPhone App Store, but should be, thanks me and my bright ideas.

  1. Scrapbook Rehab
  2. Too sick to cook, never too sick to scrapbook

    We all know that certain someone who thinks everything in life is worth documenting, right down to Junior finally ditching his overnight pull-ups for big boy pants (the fact that he was 13 when it happened is news, but regardless we really don’t want to know about it). Convinced that their lives are more exciting than NASA discovering life on another planet, these keepers of unremarkable events are not above dragging out scrapbooks at the most inopportune times. I mean, honestly do I really need to look at pictures of your colonoscopy while waiting to see my son’s teacher at parent-teacher conferences? I know it’s boring standing out there in the hall while the parents before us drone on, but seriously some photography is just not Pinterest-worthy.

    For these Ansel Adams wannabes, there’s Scrapbook Rehab, the game that takes players who can’t put down the scalloped edged scissors and cutesy stickers and turns them back into functioning members of society.

    Level one starts with an intervention of real photographers who know how to take pictures without Read the rest of this entry »

7 Online Games that Haven’t Been Invented Yet (Part 1)

4 06 2012

With summer vacation upon us my teenage sons want to get summer jobs. Kudos to them. I certainly could use a tourniquet to reduce the hemorrhage of our anemic family finances.

But if my children plan to jump into the wide world of paychecks I’d rather they do something they love to earn money, which is why I suggested they use their idle summer hours to invent new online social games.

Online social games have suddenly boomed bigger than any type of previous entertainment, even if you include reality TV and last year’s obsession with sexy teen vampires on the big screen. Our unexpected appetites for games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, World of Warcraft, and Words With Friends have revealed that we all secretly want to interact with others (something TV and movies won’t let us do), but we don’t want to have to get out of our La-Z-Boy recliners to do it.

Fair enough.

But can the gaming industry keep up with our demand for creative, yet low impact, fun? Given the public is about as fickle as an iPhone in the middle of the Mohave Desert I just know gaming companies have to continually come up with new concepts or risk being left at the altar.

That’s where my boys and I come in. I have dazzling gaming ideas, if Read the rest of this entry »

The Theme of the Day

4 05 2012

Well, as you can tell, I’ve settled on a new blog theme…for now. I’ve been trying it out for a week, but to be perfectly honest there are things about this theme I’d still like to modify. However, it involves changing CSS style sheets and quite frankly I don’t have time to change my bed sheets. So I guess I’m going to live with this theme until I can figure out how to cram 36 hours into a day by altering the space-time continuum. (Let me add that of my to-do list.)

I find a meat thermometer helps determine my level of neurosis for the day

When it comes to improvements, whether it’s to my house, my wardrobe, my blog, or my twisted personality, I’m about as fickle as the weather. That’s because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. So finding the right look for my blog will be a never-ending work-in-progress, kind of like obsessing over my weight…or my career…or my marriage. Which is why I really appreciate all your comments last week on blogs themes. Obviously, social media is great for building relationships where you can ask for help, however you know we’ve arrived at that awkward BFF status when I start writing blogs that confuse you with Dr. Laura.

“Hi All! Just wondering…should I send my husband to a rehabilitation camp for men who refuse to put the toilet seat down or just kill him now and be done with it? Please let me know by Monday, otherwise at this rate dear hubby might be resting peacefully in the old satin-lined, brass-handled sedan by Tuesday.”

That got me thinking. Read the rest of this entry »

Blog Themes: It’s Like Trying on a New Dress

25 04 2012

Do you think this is too much for a blog theme?

I figured it was time to work on a custom theme for my blog, because you know, I don’t have enough to do in the 15,000 things I need to get done in a week. Right now it’s 9:00 a.m. and I’m sitting at my computer still in my pajamas with a pile of laundry at my feet that would choke a hippogriff (shout-out to you, Harry Potter fans), a stack of bills on my desk just aching to be paid (and not enough money to pay them), and a neglected refrigerator full of odd-looking food items (at least they used to be food) that collectively smell like bad sour kraut mixed with dirty gym socks, neither of which I think is in the fridge (and honestly, that kind of scares me).

Yesterday I received notice of my 400th blog follower (Yeah! Thanks everyone!), so I decided my blog theme should look like I pay more attention to it than I do my perpetually unmade bed OR my refrigerator (also known as “The Rotter” at our house). I want to give my blog theme more personality, but at the same time I’m cheap, so I don’t want to Read the rest of this entry »

Practicing Safe Computing

30 03 2012

The computer doctor is just one more form of health care I can't afford

One day not long ago I switched on my computer and a strange thing happened. Instead of greeting me in its usual happy manner it displayed the blue screen of death. You know, the one in which it’s filled with so many undecipherable error messages it looks like a hexadecimal bulimic purge after a big meal of bits and bytes.

To fix the problem, I took the scientific approach. I turned off the computer, waited about five seconds and then turned it back on. Being highly technical, I’ve found this sometimes works, especially on temperamental PCs. Sure enough, my laptop whirled back to life, proving all was well by taking what seemed like weeks to boot. After all, we are talking about a bloated PC that came bundled with a bunch of unusable software that does nothing but take up space. Read the rest of this entry »

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