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12 06 2012

A few weeks ago I got the most interesting email from the producers of a new Internet TV website called Turns out they’re looking for mommy bloggers for a new show they plan to produce and wanted me to apply. Here’s what the email said in part:

“We are seeking six tenacious, entertaining, humorous real-life Mommy Bloggers to take part in this unique new show as regulars. Your blog came to my attention and I am therefore contacting you.

For each episode of MOMMY BLOGGERS, the participants will take their current (or a recent) blog and present it on the show with visuals (we can explain more about this if you are interested), or as a vlog. The participants will then participate in live on-camera conversation with the other show regular bloggers based on a selected weekly topic. Episodes of MOMMY BLOGGERS will run 20 to 30 minutes in length.”

Not one to fall for the old “we’re-looking-for-mommy-bloggers-and-we-think-you’d-be-perfect” ploy I did my due diligence and here’s what I found out. Read the rest of this entry »

Two Lovely Illuminating Blog Awards

25 05 2012

Last week Phillipa of the World on a Platter blog awarded me The Lovely Blog Award. An absolutely charming blog hosted by a mom and her two kids, World on a Platter chronicles food, journeys and growing up. Thank you so much, Phillipa, I really appreciate it, and look forward to following your blog.

And if that’s not enough, just today I was awarded the Illuminating Blogger Award by C.J. over at Food Stories, a great healthy eating blog that I’m very excited to get to know better. Thank you so much C.J. If you’re into food that doesn’t try to kill you I highly recommend you check out Food Stories. At the very least you’ll get some great healthy recipes out of it.

Wow. I’m humbly racking up quite a few award badges over here on the right side of my blog, which is great, except I’m running out of bloggers to pass the award on to.

For the Lovely Blog Award award I’m supposed to share seven things about myself and forward the award on to 15 bloggers.  For the Illuminating Blogger Award my task is to share one thing about myself and give the award to five bloggers. Being the lazy slug that I am I’m going to cheat and combine both.

So here are seven things about me that few people (but now you all) know: Read the rest of this entry »

“Mercy Buckets” is French for Thank You

11 05 2012

Hey gang, just a quick post to thank you all for two milestones that fell upon my blog this week.

First off, yesterday my follower tally tipped the 500 mark! In fact, as I write this I think I have 507 followers. This rapid assent has wildly exceeded my expectations. When I started this blog last November I thought it would be a lot like cracking wise alone in the dark, and for a short time it was, but then a few of you found me pretty early on. I don’t know if you loyal followers have been paying people to visit my blog or what, but my readership (and comments) have been growing steadily. Thank you very, very much! I know your time is valuable, so I truly appreciate you giving me a little of it every time you read and comment on my blog.

Second, as I mentioned in Monday’s blog post, last week my blog was approved to be on TMB has over 4,500 blogs posted on their website, and they keep track of the traffic those blogs generate. It’s a great way to increase visibility for your blog, as well as boost your SEO. Well, as of Monday my blog wasn’t even ranked. (I believe you have to be in the top 1,000 before TMB will even pay attention to where you stand in terms of popularity on their website.) But by Tuesday I was ranked Read the rest of this entry »

Have I Got What It Takes to Be a Top Mommy Blogger?

7 05 2012

This’ll teach me to clean out my inbox more often. I just read an email dated last Thursday that I was approved to be listed on the Top Mommy Blogs website. True, it’s something I applied for, but that was over a week ago, and quite honestly, I can’t remember if I put on underwear this morning, let alone which websites I recently visited and why. Those brains cells were immediately taken over by conundrums such as “What’ll I make for dinner tonight?” and “Did I remember to pick up my 8th grader from his clarinet lesson?” (Why they don’t allow 8th graders to drive in this state is beyond me. That would make my life so much easier if he could just cart his little rear end around on his own. Being he’s the second child I’m quite over that “Oh no! He’s sharing the road with other mental giants who scored 70% or higher on a government test that even sleep-deprived, drunk monkeys could pass!”)

Getting a listing on the Top Mommy Blogs website is pretty cool, because now I can win fabulous prizes like Read the rest of this entry »

The Theme of the Day

4 05 2012

Well, as you can tell, I’ve settled on a new blog theme…for now. I’ve been trying it out for a week, but to be perfectly honest there are things about this theme I’d still like to modify. However, it involves changing CSS style sheets and quite frankly I don’t have time to change my bed sheets. So I guess I’m going to live with this theme until I can figure out how to cram 36 hours into a day by altering the space-time continuum. (Let me add that of my to-do list.)

I find a meat thermometer helps determine my level of neurosis for the day

When it comes to improvements, whether it’s to my house, my wardrobe, my blog, or my twisted personality, I’m about as fickle as the weather. That’s because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. So finding the right look for my blog will be a never-ending work-in-progress, kind of like obsessing over my weight…or my career…or my marriage. Which is why I really appreciate all your comments last week on blogs themes. Obviously, social media is great for building relationships where you can ask for help, however you know we’ve arrived at that awkward BFF status when I start writing blogs that confuse you with Dr. Laura.

“Hi All! Just wondering…should I send my husband to a rehabilitation camp for men who refuse to put the toilet seat down or just kill him now and be done with it? Please let me know by Monday, otherwise at this rate dear hubby might be resting peacefully in the old satin-lined, brass-handled sedan by Tuesday.”

That got me thinking. Read the rest of this entry »

Blog Themes: It’s Like Trying on a New Dress

25 04 2012

Do you think this is too much for a blog theme?

I figured it was time to work on a custom theme for my blog, because you know, I don’t have enough to do in the 15,000 things I need to get done in a week. Right now it’s 9:00 a.m. and I’m sitting at my computer still in my pajamas with a pile of laundry at my feet that would choke a hippogriff (shout-out to you, Harry Potter fans), a stack of bills on my desk just aching to be paid (and not enough money to pay them), and a neglected refrigerator full of odd-looking food items (at least they used to be food) that collectively smell like bad sour kraut mixed with dirty gym socks, neither of which I think is in the fridge (and honestly, that kind of scares me).

Yesterday I received notice of my 400th blog follower (Yeah! Thanks everyone!), so I decided my blog theme should look like I pay more attention to it than I do my perpetually unmade bed OR my refrigerator (also known as “The Rotter” at our house). I want to give my blog theme more personality, but at the same time I’m cheap, so I don’t want to Read the rest of this entry »

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