Being a Thrifty Humanitarian

9 05 2012

The other day someone complimented me on what I was wearing. When my admirer asked me where I got my jacket I took a quick inventory of my frocks and realized that everything I had on fell into the “gently-used” category. In fact, I believe my entire outfit cost less than $60 and that included my Kenneth Cole leather boots, which I found for $30 at an adorable little resale shop in Park City.


You see, I am a total freak for thrift store shopping.

I don’t think I’ve paid full price for any item of clothing, other than underwear, since people suffering from Y2K madness hoarded water, baby wipes, and nondairy creamer, right next to their guns and ammo. (Actually, here in Utah that’s still a regular practice.)

Ironically, I will pay $75 for a bra that can boldly hoist my sagging breasts (which due to nursing look like two gym socks with marbles at the bottom) up to new heights, but I WON’T pay Read the rest of this entry »

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