Babysitter Confidential

10 04 2012

Good golly, would somebody please duct tape
these two to a chair?

Babysitters are a fact of life for parents. Even though you may think when you bring junior home from the hospital that you’ll never want to part with him, the truth is by week three, you’re arguing with your spouse about who gets to go to the grocery store. Nothing says, “You need to get out more often!” like loitering around the produce section just so you can debate the best butt creams with other parents who won’t go home because they just can’t face yet another diaper horror show. The only way you and your spouse can regain your collective sanity is to find that one coveted babysitter you can trust and afford.

Needless to say, this is about as easy as hunting for Easter Eggs on Halloween, because once parents find good babysitters, they usually don’t want to share them.

Which is why when my boys were little, in a moment of desperation, one time I had to break in to my neighbor’s house to get the phone number of her babysitter. Read the rest of this entry »

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